Module PyreAst.Concrete

This module provides types for a concrete abstract syntax tree of Python, for downstream clients who perfer conventional ADT over the tagless-final approach.

The structure of the syntax tree is kept in sync with the structure of the tagless-final APIs. Consult documentation of TaglessFinal for meanings of the various syntax constructs.

Record/variant definitions are intentionally made private within this module. To construct those records/variants, use the corresponding make_t constructor functions.

module Position : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Position.

module Location : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Location.

module Identifier : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Identifier.

module Constant : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Constant.

module ExpressionContext : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.ExpressionContext.

module BooleanOperator : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.BooleanOperator.

module BinaryOperator : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.BinaryOperator.

module UnaryOperator : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.UnaryOperator.

module ComparisonOperator : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.ComparisonOperator.

module ImportAlias : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.ImportAlias.

module rec Comprehension : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Comprehension.

and Keyword : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Keyword.

and Argument : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Argument.

and Arguments : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Arguments.

and Expression : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Expression.

module WithItem : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.WithItem.

module rec ExceptionHandler : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.ExceptionHandler.

and MatchCase : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.MatchCase.

and Pattern : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Pattern.

and Statement : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Statement.

module TypeIgnore : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.TypeIgnore.

module Module : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.Module.

module FunctionType : sig ... end

See TaglessFinal.FunctionType.

val make_tagless_final : unit -> (Argument.tArguments.tBinaryOperator.tBooleanOperator.tComparisonOperator.tComprehension.tConstant.tExceptionHandler.tExpression.tExpressionContext.tFunctionType.tIdentifier.tImportAlias.tKeyword.tLocation.tMatchCase.tModule.tPattern.tPosition.tStatement.tTypeIgnore.tUnaryOperator.tWithItem.t) TaglessFinal.t

Return a value of TaglessFinal.t whose specification is to construct a concrete AST as defined in this module.